The purpose of a foot massage is to improve blood circulation and at the same time help channel oxygen and nutrients to the

different parts of our body. The foot massage also transports CO2 and excreta to our lungs, kidneys and livers to be detoxified from our body.


In Asia, either the Chinese therapeutic massage which its core is meridian and acupuncture point massage or Thai massage with

fine and smooth Shiatsu technique, it is very comfortable and

popular in majority of customers. Both of the marrow skills of

these two massages combine to provide you a more classic and

comfortable Thai mixed massage.


Aromatherapy massage comes from Europe which focuses on the

soft technique. During this aromatherapy massage, aromatherapy essential oil can relieve central nervous system through skin,

improve lymphatic system and speed up physical metabolic

detoxification, help treating insomnia, cheer up the mood, thus

reach the effectiveness of enhancing skin’s elasticity, beautifying shape and strengthening body.


It is a Chinese therapeutic massage based on the principles of

traditional Chinese medicine which its core is meridian and

acupuncture point massage. The skill has stronger targeted as the strength is strong with soft. It relieves fatigue and stimulates

blood circulation and other efficacy.

中医理疗是通过利用人工或自然界物理因素作用于人体,产生有利的反应,达到预防和治疗疾病的方法。也是康复治疗的重要组成部分,物理因素通过人体局部直接 作用,和对神经、体液的间接作用引起人体反应,从而调整了血液循环,加快了新陈代谢,促进对细胞组织的修复,调节神经系统的功能,提高免疫功能,消除致病 因素,改善病理过程,达到治病目的。

TCM therapy reaches the effectiveness of preventing and curing

disease through artificial or naturally physical factors effect on

human body to yield advantageous response. It is also an

important part of recovery treatment. Physical factor gives

direct effect through a certain part of body and cause human

responsethrough the indirect effects between nerves and body

fluid. Itthus reaches the aim of disease curing through adjusting

the blood circulation system, speeding up the metabolism,

stimulating repairing of body cells and tissues, regulating the

function of nervous system, improving immune system, getting

rid of disease-causing factors, and improving the process of



Manipulation is kind of humanistic therapy. It means masseur

uses his own hands to push, to hold, to press, to rub, to knead,

topinch, to point, to beat and many other forms of technique

onpatient’s physical body, injured part, uncomfortable part,

specific acupoint and aching part. This can reach the

effectiveness of dredging the meridian, practicing vital energy

and blood, relieving pain, healing injury, dispelling evil and

reconciling Yin and Yang.


This is a long-term hydrotherapy which related with water

treatment that is also called as balneotherapy. The Spa town

which includes Spa resort normally provides various types of

health treatment. The belief of spring water’s efficacy rights

can be traced back to prehistoric times. This therapy is popular

around the world especially in Europe and Japan. Day spa is

popular too and it provides various types of personal treatment.


The meridian health is based on human meridian. It links human organs, brain, arms and legs efficiently to work together and

balance the harmony through adjustment of human meridian.